Rules and Regulations

Rules Governing Sales
Rules Governing Products

‘Sale” is defined in Shariah as “the exchange of a thing of value with mutual constant”. Islamic Juris prudence has laid down enormous rules governing the contract of sale, and the Muslim jurists have written a large number of books, in a number of volumes with mutual consent.

Rule 1:  The subject of sale must be existing at the time of sale.  Example:  Mr. A selling of an unborn calf of his cow to Mr. B. The sale is void.

Rule 2: The subject of sale must be in the ownership of the seller at the time of sale thus what is not owned by the seller cannot be sold.  If he sells something before acquiring its ownership the sale is void.

Rule 3: The subject of sale must be in physical or constructive possession of the seller when he sells it to another person. 

“Constructive possession” means a situation where the possessor has not taken the physical delivery of the commodity, yet the commodity has come into his control and all the rights and liabilities of the commodity are passed on to him, including the risk of destruction.

Rule 4:  The sale must be instant and absolute.  Thus a sale attributed to future date or a sale contingent on a future event is void.  If the parties wish to effect a valid sale they will have to effect it afresh when the future data comes or the contingency actually occurs.

Rule 5: The subject of sales must be a property of value.

Rule 6: The subject of sales should not be a thing while is not used except for a haram purpose, like pork, wine, cigarette etc.

Rule 7: The subject of sale must be specifically known and identified to the buyer.

Rule 8: The delivery of the commodity sold to the buyer must be certain and should not depend on a contingency or chance.

For your products to be accepted and approved for publishing, kindly note the following:

Product Featured Image

  • Product images/pictures must the be the same as the product you have in stock
  • Product images/pictures must the be on white background or on a neatly worked background. Product Images on crude background will not be approved.
  • Product images/pictures must not be screen grabbed from mobile phones or screen shot from the PC.
  • Product images/pictures must the be free of blur and noise. Do a clean Photoshop on your product images.
  • Product images/pictures must not be less than 400 x 400 pixel and not more than 600 x 600 pixel
  • A single Product image/picture must not be of grouped items for the product featured image unless in the gallery. Each product item must be its on image.
  • Colours of product images/pictures must represent the actual product you have in stock

Product Category

  • You must select the appropriate category as it relates to your product
  • If your product category is not in the category list, then you should add a suitable category for the product.

If you fail to comply with the above listed instructions, your products will not be published.

May Allah (God) put barakah (blessing) in your business. Ameen.